Review of the CROP Working Group Mechanism*

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) in its role as the Chair of the Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) commissioned the review of the CROP Working Group Mechanism (CWGM) on behalf of the CROP organisations between June and October 2015. 

The purpose of a review of the CWGM is to “facilitate CROP Executives’ assessment of existing inter-agency coordination systems for implementing the Pacific regional agenda”.

The overall objectives of the review were:

  • To ensure that the system for CROP coordination can efficiently and effectively deliver on a new and emerging regional agenda as determined via the Framework for Pacific Regionalism and in collaboration with the newly established Specialist Sub-Committee for Regionalism; and

  • To facilitate a system for CROP Executives to regularly assess the relevance of CROP working group arrangements vis-a-vis alternative partnership mechanisms.

CWGM is a highly valued and respected process both internally within CROP agencies and externally by non-CROP members of the working groups. External respondents see this mechanism as Pacific born, Pacific lead, and unites the region’s intergovernmental agencies to maximise the quality of their advice and assistance to Pacific island countries and territories (PICTs). The following paragraph aptly summarises the collective view on the CWGM.

The fundamental message stemming from the review is… “The Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) working group mechanism (WGM) is a very important, useful and effective coordinating mechanism for CROP agencies. It needs to be strengthened as the principal modality through which CROP as a collective can engage more strategically and effectively with (i) emerging and on-going priorities as set by the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, the CROP organisations’ governing bodies and key ministerial meetings, (ii) agreed global commitments such as the SAMOA Pathway, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Conventions and Agreement, (iii) partner United Nations (UN) agencies and other regional and international agencies including the region’s Non-State Actor (NSA) and Civil society organisations (CSO)s, and (iv) Key development partners and donors to the region

* Final Report of the Review of the CROP Working Group Mechanisms (October 2015)

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