Key Tasks

  • Tasks under Common Objectives

    • The key tasks under the Common Objectives are going to be mutual for all Working Groups in the CROP Working Group Mechanisms. The CROP ICT Working Group needs to be actively engaged with other Working Groups to provide briefs, advice and address issues pertaining to ICTs. The CROP ICT Working Group should also be aware of the countries and regional needs as well as international agendas and especially develop tasks as and when these arise based on the above set of objectives. A strategy needs to be in place of how this engagement with other Working Groups, countries/region and international organisations will occur; and
    • The CROP ICT Working Group will need to prepare annual assessment report (as per Annex 1) on the work of the Working Group in relation to its TOR and objectives for consideration by CROP Executives.
  • Tasks under Specific Objective

    • Determine and develop a strategy that ensures that the CROP ICT Working Group will provide the necessary coordination and advisory services through which any organisation working in the ICT area can be part of, to optimise collaborative environment and objectives in ICT for the region including the implementation of the Regional ICT Initiative;
    • Members to prepare strategies for the growth of ICT in the Pacific, this would also include enhanced collaboration amongst all players in ICT in the region. This is an immediate task that the members can work towards;
    • Identify the key areas in ICT that are important and needs to be enhanced in order to ensure sustainable development of the region, together with this also identify the key players or potential players who are involved in these particular areas;
    • Work out the structure of the Secretariat of the CROP ICT Working Group that will be responsible for coordinating the different wok/tasks done by various players in the key ICT areas in the region;
    • Prepare high quality policy, advisory and technical advice to CROP Heads, SSCR, PIF leaders; member countries, and Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat intergovernmental working groups participating in United Nations and other international negotiations and processes involving ICTs and to Pacific Island Countries and Territories through their ICT Ministries or related Ministries as and when required;
    • Prepare regular (quarterly basis) reports of development of ICT in the Pacific,  and new areas of technology development globally;
    • Develop the CROP ICT Working Group Portal and to continuously update and maintain this; 
    • Oversee the implementation of the Ministerial outcomes and decisions; and
    • Plan and organise Pacific Islands Forum ICT Ministerial Meeting and participate in other Forum Ministerial meetings such as Forum Economic Ministers Meeting. 
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