• Generic/Common Objectives for all CROP Working Groups

    • Proactively prepare analytical papers and/or policy briefs on emerging regional priorities / issues and present options to address them for consideration by CROP Executives;
    • Proactively assess relevant ‘prioritisation decisions’ by CROP governing bodies and key ministerial meetings in the area covered by the Working Groups and provide advice to CROP Executives on options for CROP engagement/ implementation;
    • Contribute to CROP’s engagement with the Framework for Pacific Regionalism (FPR)/Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism (SSCR) process and proactively consider possible ‘game-changing and transformative’ priorities to be considered through CROP’s own prioritisation process prior to decision by CROP Executives on what to submit to SSCR by CROP as a collective;
    • Contribute to CROP’s engagement with the International Development Agenda – the Sustainable Development Goals, and other relevant global declarations in the area covered by the Working Group, including proactively preparing policy briefs,  information papers etc. for Pacific Missions to the UN in New York and other locations such as Brussels;
    • Proactively work with other CROP Working Groups in cross-cutting priorities that involve a number of CROP Working Groups to produce joint papers/policy briefs/ options for consideration by CROP Executives; and
    • Prepare a brief annual assessment report on the work of the Working Group in relation to its TORs and objectives for consideration by CROP Executives. The Assessment and Evaluation Flow Chart in Annex 1 could be used.
  • Specific Objectives 

The specific objectives for the ICT Working Group are:

    • Provision of necessary coordination and advisory services through which any organisation working in the ICT area can be part of, to optimise collaborative environment and objectives in ICT for the region;
    • Ensure that the  Regional ICT Initiative that was endorsed by the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders in 2015 is successfully implemented with a sense of urgency;
    • Act as permanent secretariat responsible for coordinating the different tasks done by the various players in the ICT sector;
    • Review (from time to time)  the developments of ICT in the region and monitor and evaluate growth of ICT in the Pacific;
    • Advocate for deeper and faster development of ICTs in our region through coordination,  appropriate technical  and advisory services;
    • Plan the regional dimensions of ICT development and encourage better coordination of ICT-related initiatives and plans;
    • Understand policy development attitudes  within the ICT ecosystem e.g. W3C, IETF, ICANN, ITU, APT and within Pacific Island Countries and Territories when invited to;
    • Provide technical advice/ to Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat intergovernmental working groups participating in United Nations and other international negotiations and processes involving ICTs;
    • Provide high level advisory services to Pacific Island Countries and Territories through their ICT Ministries or related Ministries when invited;
    • Develop strategies for the growth of ICT in the Pacific;
    • Provide regular reports of development of ICT in the Asia Pacific, Pacific and Globe that is relevant for Pacific countries and CROP members;
    • Encourage Synergy of Engagement for members of the ICT ecosystem; 
    • To develop and maintain the CROP ICT Working Group Portal; 
    • To have a wider participation of the CROP ICT WG in other regional and international forum that will add value and enrich the work that the WG is doing and better promote collaboration; and
    • Convene ICT Ministers’ Meeting as required.
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