Pacific Regional ICT Strategic Action Plan

The Pacific Regional ICT Strategic Action Plan (PRISAP) was formulated in response to calls from Pacific ICT Ministers at the ICT Ministerial meeting in Tonga in 2010 for greater coordination in effectively utilising ICT for sustainable development, governance, and improving the livelihood of Pacific communities. The ICT Ministers identified key themes to be reflected in the PRISAP which included policy and regulatory frameworks, cybersecurity, human capacity building, infrastructure and universal access, gender equality, leadership and governance, and disaster risk management. Its design is also underpinned by the 2010 Framework for Action on ICT for Development in the Pacific (FAIDP) and in particular the 2010 FAIDP Review.

During 2014/2015, the Secretariat of the CROP ICT Working Group (CROP ICT WG) together with regional and international development partners, and Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) were actively engaged in the Review of the 2010 FAIDP and the development of the PRISAP. Each country responded to a questionnaire indicating their priorities and issues and have reviewed the draft document in the light of some of the target indicators highlighted and identified by the 2010 FAIDP Review. The PRISAP is an action plan developed by most ICT stakeholders in the region and tends to focus and target ICT indicators such as universal access, e-Government, cybersecurity, leadership, disaster management, governance, coordination and partnerships, ICT policy and legislation and human capacity development.

The raised priority of ICTs by Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) and Pacific Leaders in 2015 has led to increasing the membership of the CROP ICT WG to include all key stakeholders and a review of this document was conducted by a small team from the CROP ICT WG. Changes have been made to update the document and more closely align the PRISAP work and the new regional ICT initiative. It should be read in conjunction with the comprehensive ICT Landscape document and the associated ICT Info Graphic and the Leaders One Page ICT briefing produced in 2016 by the CROP ICT WG.

The PRISAP highlights actions needed to create an enabling environment to support and harmonise national and regional efforts to achieve safe, secure, affordable and competitive ICT services. This Regional ICT Strategic Action Plan acknowledges that the sovereignty of PICTs is paramount; PRISAP does not override the decisions of countries and territories to adopt and implement their own national policies and implementation plans.

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